Our Story

Founded since 1993 on the principle of wisdom and hardwork, Wisdom Plus is named after our firm belief that the key to sustainability is not just Intelligence but by being wise. Wisdom Plus is the representative and distributor of many electronic and mechanical components and modules of multinational manufacturers. We have been growing with leaps and bounds with an impressive portfolio of reputable customers from local multinational corporations and international clients in Southeast Asia, India, and China.

We will continue to do our best in servicing our clients and ensuring the highest quality providing value to our customers with wisdom.

Our Vision

To attain outstanding success and sustainable prosperity by fully integrating The Eight Pillars of Success formulated through our experiences, actions and examples of great Entrepreneur.

Our Mission

To equip a broad product diversity, paired with uncompromising quality and customer-oriented service, to become the most iconic bridge connecting the Eastern and Western market.

Wisdom 智慧

The power of observation and learning. To know right from wrong and to endlessly pursue knowledge.

Benevolence 仁慈

The manifestation of mercy and sympathy towards others. To share our success and happiness with others.

Valor 勇武

To carry out tasks resolutely and to be persistent and courageous in everything we do.

Gratitude 感恩

To be thankful for what we have and to excel and improve it with the spirit of profound appreciativeness.

Friendship 友情

To treat precious and valuable friends with utmost respect and reverence.

Harmony 和谐

To utilize and harmonize the opposite factors (like Yin & Yang) to create a pleasant & nurturing working environment.

Initiative 主动

To voluntarily carry out mandatory tasks to bring positive benefits to individual and the company as a whole.

Talent 天赋智能

To utilize inherent talents and integrate them into the organization.

Management Policy

To strive for superior service and to provide products of the best quality for the customers. In return we hope to obtain reasonable profits in this value for value relationship.

To treat every member of our organization with respect, sincerity, love and to provide a harmonious working environment. To reward well-deserved member staffs for their well-done job and opportunity for everyone to express their creativity and ideas to benefit the company and its people.